BIG update #A5! BlackEye got better. Your wishes are taken into account: Improved handling, camera, balance!

  1. Improved interface, now the game starts with the main menu.
    (with magnificent view of the planet Kotee in the background
  2. Added instructions for the layout of the keyboard and game-pad (in the future these images will be replaced with short training videos).
  3. Improved camera performance (now the camera will look in the direction of the character’s movement) +now there are new combination of keys to look up or down (Space-bar + Up, Down, Stick, or Start + Stick Up, Down).
  4. Added temporary invulnerability after loss of life (8 seconds).
  5. Added “The Suicide Function”: the game has physics (this is a fact), which sometimes leads to the fact that the character is overwhelmed with heavy things and can not move, when you have only one choice left, act like a real samurai

!!! AND Oh YES, we are working on “local multiplayer”. There will be a cooperative mode and the “PVP” mode !!! The new mode will be available in one of the next big updates !!! Support us with your purchases and we will try to make not only local multiplayer, but an online mode!

Update # 3

  1. Shield that protects the hero from the enemies.
    Collecting these artifacts your protection will increase, so that the character suffers less damage from the enemies.
  2. First aid kit 3% and 5% of health.
    Artifacts are stored in the “right” inventory. Use the Right Ctrl to select the pickup, to use it press Right Shift. On the gamepad use RT to select the pickup, to use the pickup press RB.

Update # 2

Intermediate update: the energy scale is added to the interface, this resource can be replenished, but so far it does not participate in the game process.
Continuing to improve the game levels.

The “right-hand” inventory (Right Ctrl or RT) is added. Now you can carry your health with you. Of course, if you find it …))))))